Convicted Galaxy

Explore the galaxy, equip your ship, and engage the enemy to escape the Convicted Galaxy.

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FAQ & News

What is Convicted Galaxy?

Stranded in an unknown galaxy full of escaped prisoners, you must find a way out. The escaped prisoners grow stronger with every passing moment. Build space stations and other structures around planets, upgrade your ship, and siege enemy locations in an effort to gain strength while weakening the enemy. Take risks when necessary, but don't forget that you only get one chance.

Convicted Galaxy is a territorial 2.5D space based action exploration game that combines aspects of rogue-lite and shoot ’em up subgenres with a third person perspective.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful vast solar systems to explore
  • Discoverable content
  • Adaptive audio
  • Constructible and destructible space structures
  • Stackable ship upgrade specializations
  • Procedurally generated universe, systems, and planets
  • Permadeath
  • And more on the way...

Learn more on the press kit page.

Is there a story/plot?

Yes, the story of Convicted Galaxy has played a very large role in the development of the game. However, one of our main goals is to create a strong gameplay experience with little understanding of the story while still offering deep and meaningful story elements for players who want to dig deeper.

Planet with Satellites

The Backstory

For nearly 1000 Pulsar Years (PY) the mass majority of humans have lived within space stations and ships in orbit around various planetary bodies of the Milky Way. All attempts to find another suitable planet within our own galaxy have been met with failure. Resource rich planets, including Earth, are now seen as production planets for food and minerals. Poor nutrition and living conditions in space have lead to the reduction in average lifespan by more than half (70PY to 30PY). Beside the negative side effects from living in space, resources and orbital space are dwindling. A recent deadly space station collision, preceded by many others, has prompted a response from the Federation of Earth Descendants (FED).

Prison Ship

The Response

All Interstellar Correctional Fleet (ICF) ships have been sent on a potentially one way colonizing missions in hopes of keeping humanity alive beyond Earth. Each ship has been outfitted with Advanced Capabilities Exploration (ACE) pods, and have been assigned a unit from the Office of Galactic Reconnaissance and Exploration (OGRE) with high hopes of finding planets suitable to live on once again. You are an ICF guard aboard one of these vessels.

EMP Blast

The Unexpected

You have arrived near the outer edge of an unexplored galaxy. Waking from stasis, you prepare yourself for the long day of briefings ahead. You look at the time. "Did we lose track of the pulsar, or am I running late?" you ask yourself. Either way, you decide to hasten your pace to your post. As you walk with a brisk pace to your post, the lights flicker. This is a common occurrence on a spaceships, although the tremor that accompanies the flicker is not. You look around the walkway and brace yourself for another tremor, as does everyone else, but nothing. Just as you begin to hustle toward the command post for your cell block, another episode of flickering and tremors occur. After the tremor ceases, you begin to sprint, but before you can cover 20 meters the evacuation protocol is initiated with blaring sirens and red flashing lights. Red indicators along the baseboards of the walkway blink in unison, directing everyone toward the escape pods for evacuation. You follow the lights and a few of the senior ICF members help you enter one of the ACE pods, and you prepare for takeoff. Although you haven’t been fully trained in the ACE pod, you initiate the standard Emergency Takeoff. As you look back toward the prison ship, you see that the cell blocks have become detached, likely the reason for the tremors. There are streams of escape pods taking off from each detached cell block. As you begin to drift into stasis, you find it odd that the main hull appeared to be unscathed and no escape pods are ejecting. You whisper, “I hope they get out alright.”


A New Beginning

You wake violently, in a cold sweat, screaming. “What a bad stasis nightmare,” you nearly say out loud. As you look around at the small cockpit of your ACE pod, you quickly realize this is all real. You pinch yourself just to make sure. Yep, this is all too real… You bring up the controls and begin to acquaint yourself with your new vessel. As the system is completed automated checks, the protective window shutters retract. You find yourself in an asteroid belt near the outer edges of a solar system. There is debris and unpowered ACE pods floating nearby. You approach them to see if you can help, and more importantly, to see if they can help you locate the prison ship. The prison ship has the coordinates for the destination system and planet, your best chance to find refuge.

When will Convicted Galaxy be available?

For now, we are hopeful for a 2017 Q2 full release. However, we will begin Steam Early Access on Feburary 9th and also have a demo available on the Convicted Galaxy Steam Store page right now. If you are looking for a press key, please contact us.

Can I still add content to Convicted Galaxy, such as naming a planet or writing a mission log?

Yes, you can. If you'd like to add content to the game, please contact us.

Where can I purchase the game?

Once available, you will be able to purchase Convicted Galaxy from Steam, Humble Bundle,, or from this handy widget provided by Humble Bundle here.

What changes have you made in the game recently?

The most up to date information about where we are in development can be found on our Steam store page. You can also check out all our changes since the beginning here.

Convicted Galaxy